Become a Vendor

Click here for our market application

Once you open the application either fill it out in Word and send it to us as a word document, or copy and paste it into the body of an email and fill it out in your email. If this doesn’t make a lick of sense to you, call or email us and we will gladly assist.  or Wendy: 206-3739

But first make sure you read our rules

Hot Springs Handmade & Homegrown Market

Rules and guidelines 2017

The market is a producer only market.  The vendor must be the grower, producer, intern, family member, or employee with a working knowledge of the items sold.  If the business is represented by an employee, then the owner/producer is required to attend at least one market per month. If a vendor cannot attend and would like someone else to man his/her booth, prior approval must be asked for from the Board of Directors.  This exception will be made on a very temporary and infrequent basis.  There are no shared booths.

Dues are $100 per year for full and part time vendors or $10 per week for day vendors. The fee is the same for market members who do not come every week

Each vendor is responsible for the proper certifications and inspections with the proper agencies for their product. Vendors assume all liability for the products they are selling.

Members must clean up their area after the market. If you have items that generate trash, you must provide a trash receptacle.

Members must arrive by 930 and stay until closing.

If you are not coming to a market, you should let the market manager know as soon as possible. We have day vendors who would like to fill in.  This is important to keep the market full.

Vendors are only allowed to sell what they are approved for.  If you want to add something other than what was listed and approved by the market, you must get approval from the board beforehand.  You do not need to get approval for another item in your area (e.g.- if you are approved for pickles, you would no need approval for another variety of pickles).

Vendors with value added products are encouraged to use local ingredients whenever possible.

Vendors are expected to participate in market activities as much as possible.